New manicure techniques and polish methods are popping up all the time, and it can be hard to keep up. One of the latest and most popular manicure methods is dip powder. Whether you are just hearing about this for the first time, or you've heard about dip nails and want to learn more, we'll give you the full run-down.

So, what is a dip powder manicure? Is it safe for your nails, and why is it preferred over other manicure techniques?

The dip manicure is often referred to as ‘SNS dip’ because SNS is the company that was the primary early innovator in the field. Dip powder manicures are an alternative to acrylic or gel polish manicures and have become extremely popular due to their durability and long-lasting shine. A dip manicure involves applying a clear adhesive to the nail and then, as the name implies, dipping the nail into a fine color powder. The result is a beautiful, sleek manicure that lasts for at least two weeks and often even four weeks. Here's the full dip powder process: 

  1. Prep the nail: As with any manicure, it's important to clean the nails, push back the cuticles, and buff the nail plate before beginning.
  2. Apply the base: A clear base coat is applied to the nail, which will allow the color powder to adhere to the nail.
  3. Dip or apply the powder: The nail is dipped into the color powder, and any excess powder is shaken and brushed off.
  4. Repeat: Typically, two to three more coats of base and powder are applied, depending on the desired thickness and saturation.
  5. Topcoat: It is recommended to apply an activator and topcoat after filing and shaping the nail to retain its color and shape.

 Benefits of Dip Powder Nails 

There are many reasons people choose a dip powder manicure over gel or acrylic: 

  • Durability: Dip powder is primarily known for its strength. It is much more durable than gel, so it is suitable for those who don't want to worry about chipping their manicure.
  • Long-lasting: It is the longest-lasting manicure method out there, lasting at least two weeks.
  • No UV light: A dip powder mani does not require any UV radiation to set, unlike gel manicures.
  • Brilliant color: the colors achieved with the powder are noticeably richer.
  • Fast and easy: The application process is quick, mainly because you don't have to set each coat with a UV light. 

Important Considerations

It’s essential to use proper application methods and practice consistent nail care to keep your nails strong and healthy. To protect your nails while using dip powder, consider the following: 

  • Know the dip powder ingredients: Off-brand powders can contain harmful chemicals that can damage your nails and skin. It's essential to use a trusted brand, like SNS, that uses healthy ingredients.
  • Choose brands that contain benzoyl peroxide an ingredient proven effective in maintaining purity and sterility when added to dipping powders.
  • If you don’t want to share dipping powders: Although the traditional technique involves dipping the nail into the powder, some salons are now using an alternative dip powder method.  The technician can use a separate disposable container for the dipping step and then discard the used powder.  The sprinkle technique is another great method to replace the traditional dipping step.  The powder is dusted on from above using a small acrylic brush. 
  • Take care of your nails: If you regularly have any type of manicure, you should be taking care of your nails and skin by applying cuticle oil regularly and taking breaks in between manicures to help your nail plates strengthen.